What Is the Best Abs Workout for a Soccer Player?

What Is the Best Abs Workout for a Soccer Player?

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Strong abs can make a big difference in soccer.

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The best ab workout for a soccer player not only increases the strength and endurance of his core muscles, it also prepares him for games by simulating play. To significantly improve performance in soccer or any other sport, workouts need to include functional exercises. Therefore, the ab exercises soccer players should do involve twisting, bending and moving on their feet.


  • The best ab workout for soccer players includes exercises that mimic movement during play.

Balance on Your Feet

Balance is one of the most important athletic skills a soccer player needs to develop. Players at high levels have exceptional balance and stability, and this in part influences their ability to move efficiently and quickly while avoiding injury in the process. Soccer requires stability in motion, so it is important to train your core to be able to respond quickly and accurately to changes in direction. To develop this skill, do slow and rapid squats while balancing on a stability dome.

Work Legs and Abs Together

Because soccer players are almost constantly running, they require strong and durable abs that not only stabilize the body but also assist the movement of running. With this in mind, exercises that integrate movement of the abs and legs will be very effective, because they simulate the connective motion of running. For example, exercises like high knees, hanging leg raises and mountain climbers work the abdominal muscles along with the thighs, butt and calves. These exercises are important, because they train not only your abs and legs, they also develop the overall core stability that you need to control your run.

Train with Play in Mind

There are a number of positions or actions in soccer that require specific training for specific movements. For instance, it is important to be able to get up after falling and then explosively resume play. Develop this ability with burpees. Because the core needs to be able to help generate the torque necessary to perform quick turns and direction changes, train with standing Russian twists. You can also train for heading the ball by doing jumping medicine ball slams.

Try This Routine

To warm up, first position yourself on all fours and then quickly roll to your right onto your back and get up on your feet. As soon as you stand, sprint 10 yards. Stop and repeat with a roll to the left. Do this until you reach a light sweat and then perform the following routine: steam engines, stability dome squats, standing Russian twists, mountain climbers, jumping medicine ball slams, hanging leg raises, high knees and burpees. You can do these exercises as part of intervals lasting 40 to 60 seconds. Take a brief rest in between intervals. You may also do 20 to 30 repetitions for each exercise to circuit train.